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Jonita Colling-Holland
Emotional Release Therapy Practioner and
Clinical Mental Health graduate student

I gained much freedom through ERT.


Sweet release, profound freedom, and sorrowful joy (it’s a thing).


After decades of attempting to release tears, to cry even a little bit in order to relieve the grief I carried from childhood trauma, I finally gained freedom through ERT.


My demons aren’t gone, but I’m aware of their patterns and am freer to make different choices when they arise.


My grief is not gone, but I’m able to turn towards it. I no longer run in panic and fear, knowing that there really was no place to hide, anyway.


My fear is not gone, but I am able to embrace it, learn from it and release it.


My sorrow is not gone, but I have room to breathe into it and space for it to run through me.


I’m no longer stuck. I feel joy and love and freedom with a depth I didn’t know existed.

Immense joy.


Incredible freedom.


Soothing peace.


Massive love.


My healing journey from complex trauma began in 1997 and led me to integrate multiple modalities: cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, inner child work, process art, yoga, transformative writing, mindfulness, drumming, tapping, craniosacral therapy, somatic emotional release and meditation.


While each of these have supported me immensely, my body continually needed more release. I was plagued with body memories and physical flashbacks. I feared others would think I was going crazy and for years I avoided feeling my body and dissociated from the pain. After my first session of Emotional Release Therapy, I knew I’d found a modality that would profoundly change my life...and it has. I now can choose to live whole-heartedly within my body and have learned to turn toward and release the emotional pain that is stored there. The result?










The integration I feel is nothing short of exquisite. 


I’m an Emotional Release Therapy Practitioner and Clinical Mental Health graduate student. Having taught middle and high school students for over 20 years and actively engaging in my own healing for the same amount of time, I’ve encountered and supported people through multiple types of trauma. I bring presence, empathy, compassion, creativity, and flexibility to my Emotional Release Sessions. I aim to hold a safe space for clients to process emotions and explore their inner world. It is my hope that this will increase coping abilities and facilitate deeper connections with oneself, friends, and loved ones.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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