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Whether you feel your trauma is too much and question if healing is even possible or feel your trauma is too little to carry the heavy emotions you do, Emotional Release Therapy will meet you where you're at. Jo, as a practitioner, will be waiting at the entrance to welcome you to the beginning of your healing journey by being heard, seen, and validated...perhaps for the first time. ERT has been one of the most intense and profound bodywork modalities I've experienced. Having someone who has walked their own healing journey and continues to do so is paramount to this work having such an impact. Jo draws on her life experiences to help incorporate various strategies to assist me and all her clients in feeling safe, comfortable, and therefore, willing to take a risk and be vulnerable--and that is where healing begins. Jo welcomes all feelings without judgment and her strengths are in helping people learn how to process those emotions and move towards true and lasting healing. If I lived locally I'd seek out ERT from Jo on a regular basis. For anyone who is ready to break free from the darkness of their past, whether yesterday or 20 years ago, it is with complete trust I recommend working with Jo.

~Caelyn, Los Angeles

Working with Jonita has been nothing short of transformational. Her grace, her extensive education on trauma, her loving energy and welcoming attitude make  sessions with her some of the most powerful ones I’ve had. There is a non-judgemental compassion that radiates off of Jonita that she transmits through to you during a session. She invites you into a new world, where everything that is in you or has happened to you is met with a tremendous safety. The safe place she offers is rare, and not easy to find in healers. She is magic !

~Laura, North Carolina

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