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What is Emotional Release Bodywork?

Our bodies remember.

Deep within our tissues, embedded in our cells, our bodies remember

even when the mind does not... 


I have gained much freedom through Emotional Release Bodywork.


Sweet release,

profound freedom,

and sorrowful joy (it’s a thing).


Sometimes we aren't taught how or it's not safe to process our emotions. But they will come out, sometimes sideways. "The emotional brain manifests itself in physical reactions" (Van der Kolk). After years of stuffing, ignoring, avoiding, distracting and dissociating from our emotions, we may start to feel them in our bodies: anxiety, depression, physical pain...our bodies are calling us to pay attention, to heal. Healing is possible. 


Emotional Release Bodywork is an integrative, somatic practice that facilitates the release of unexpressed emotions stored in our bodies. Combining inner child and somatic awareness, ERB releases trauma by allowing ourselves to finish emotional expressions that we were unable to complete in the past. We witness parts of ourselves that are hurt, allow their expression through the body, and then bring those parts what they need (most often, love, safety, comfort, peace, compassion, etc.). 


The role of the practitioner is to provide a safe, caring environment for this process to unfold. The Practitioner partners with the client and assists the process by bringing the client’s attention into the body where we most commonly store unexpressed emotion, witnessing and encouraging the expression that needs to happen, guiding the client to turn toward their experiences, encouraging the client to find what that broken part needs to heal and to meet those needs themselves.

Pat Jackman Explains and Demonstrates ERT

For more videos and information from Pat, visit her YouTube site at Pat Jackman Emotional Release Therapy

My Journey and Practice with ERT

Christine Discusses Emotional Release Bodywork

Laura and Suzanne Discuss and Demo ERT and 

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